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I think I like him, pretty sure

We’ve been hurt, we both share the same feelings, we both lived the same lives, for god sake we live in the same apartment complex and didn’t even know it.
I just wish that as the days progress he shows he likes me all the more. If what my friends tell me is true then I’m golden. I’m just ready to have a good relationship, and I hope that it won’t take a turn for the worst.
Litteraly, he’s perfect!

Dear @tumblr

You are my left hand ;)

Dear God

For those who valve opinions and The Lord, do not read.
Where the fuck have you been? Yesterday was shit, were you having fun tourtuing me? Have had fun these past 21 years, making my life an absolute hell, and what for!?!? People are out there with amazing lives and here I am stuck dealin with the krill of the sea. I am the krill of the sea. My parents split when I was two, so neither of then we’re really there. The mental pain I went through as a child, but not olny has that been mentally damaging, but I also grew up dealing with the fact I’m gay. I’ve broken my leg and had surgery, which was a major road block, so I fixed that with a second surgery, SHATTERED my collarbone, due for my 4th in November…the best man I had, walked out of my life, I’ve moved 10 times since my step mother ran me out of the house, almost 3 years ago, but I was guessin it was time. Besides you didn’t care, you let my brother and sister leave me.
I don’t know what kind of career I want to do, therefore school would be a joke. I don’t have a stable job. I already owe collections. I’ve got $30 in my name and now I’ve no home, but what’ve I done to deserve any of this shit hole of a life. I’m tired of it, moving, drama, money, I fuckin hate this. When will it be my turn to be on top instead of bein stuck on bottom gettin my ass fucked dry.
God, if you are real, please just give my a helping hand, I’m broken, broke, and broken down.

Crying myself to sleep tonight


I have made a discovery recently, based upon my entrance on a city bus.
This morning I was gonna take the train but decided upon a bus. I stopped by my stepmothers work so I could say hi as any good child would do. Well I had forgot to grab an extra $.50 so my stepmother lent me some. It had come time to depart so I left.
The bus pulls into the bus bay as I’m approaching, I step up to the doors and greet the driver with a “hello” she greets me back with the usual and comments on the weather. I’m about to walk to the back of the bus but she stops me. She asks me “are you older than 18?” I told her I was, and she informed me. Apparently the cost of an adult to ride the bus is $3.50, not $2.50.
I continue to explain to her honestly dint know the fare had changed but her fighting statement was ” it’s been that way for years.”
Side note: when you do something for years it becomes a habit.
She proceeds to ask me to get off and go find a dollar…
So I get off in search for this NEEDED dollar. There’s one gentleman but he didn’t have what I needed.
The driver starts Rollin away and stops bye and I told her ” I couldn’t find that dollar” and like I was her kid she spoke to me and said “get on let’s go”.
I thanked her and got on.

The reason for this “gripe” is because I wanna she the light on our society, it has been crushed, demolished, and this is a prime example of and insistence that could have been avoided provided one person had enough gol to just let it slide. We have been corrupted by greet and we take advantage of any chance to power.

Thanks for reading an I hope that all I you have a great day and enjoy the sun :)
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